Enixus participates as a partner in a number of projects.

Among them are:

EstLat BioBoost

The Estonia-Latvia programme is one of the 60 cross-border cooperation
programmes operating along EU internal borders. The programme is funded
under the goal of the European Territorial Cooperation, better known as
Interreg, and aims at strenghtening cooperation among regions across the
borders of Estonia and Latvia. 35 million euros are made available by the
European Regional Development Fund for funding cooperation projects among
Estonian and Latvian partner organizations. The Estonia-Latvia programme
is a continuation of the 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation programme.

EstLat BioBoost will promote cross border entrepreneurial collaboration in
life sciences and biotechnology between Latvia and Estonia. The aim of the
EstLat BioBoost project is to increase the competitiveness of start-ups
and SMEs in the life sciences sector in EE and LV through development of
cross-border cooperation and the delivery of training and other support
services. Among the support services will be individual
coaching/mentoring, and a business mission to Copenhagen to one of the top
life sciences business development organisations in Europe.

The EstLat BioBoost project is funded by The Estonia-Latvia programme with
195 925 euros.

More information on BioBoost facebook page.More information on BioBoost facebook page.

Learn more about the Interreg:

BioBoost in Tartu


sTARTUp day 2017 is coming and will be preceded by a great chance to get focused input into your life/medical sciences business.

On 7th December, the biggest business festival in the Baltics will have a BioBoost hackathon as a pre-event in Tartu, Estonia. We will have great mentors from LV, EE, and elsewhere. This is a great chance to get feedback on your best ideas.

If your idea is in any of the following areas, join us!
Biotechnology (all the colors of the rainbow)
Veterinary medicine
Life Science (more common ideas)

Once we confirm your registration and participation, we will share great news about your attendance at the main event.


sTARTUp Day 2017 will bring together 2500+ like-minded people to connect over technology, businesses, startups, education, media and much more. In addition, there will be several pre- and after events, so it will be like a three-day festival!

Any questions?
Contact Tom in Riga at 2918 3269 or
or Tiina in Tartu at


Register here:

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